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  • Is Tony B Fit open to the general public as a place to workout?
    Tony B Fit is only open by appointment for personal, group, and self defense training.
  • How do you ensure that cleanliness and sanitary conditions are in place?
    After each session, we do take the following sanitary and cleanliness measures: The weights, equipment and any individual mats used during a workout are sprayed with a special sanitary cleaner by Kennedy Industries called KenClean Plus Surface Disinfecting Cleaner along with Lysol. If necessary, we also use disinfecting towelettes to further wipe down all weights, equipment and surfaces. We then spray the entire mat area with KenClean Plus Surface Disinfecting Cleaner and with Lysol and wipe clean any particular areas. At least 3 times per week we use a special floor cleaner that is filled with KenClean Plus Surface Disinfecting Cleaner. This floor cleaner scrubs the floor and then picks up any excess water. You can find further information at
  • Do you require individuals to wear masks during training sessions?
    First and most importantly, if you do not feel well or believe you may have COVID-19, please provide us with notice and we will make the appropriate accommodation to your scheduled session. We do not require masks to be worn during training sessions. However, if you want to wear a mask, please feel free to wear one. We will alway make accommodations during times when you are not well. Normally, a few days of rest will have you back and ready to workout!
  • Do I need a Doctor's permission to set up personal training?
    We need you to be open and honest with us regarding any health situation - current or in your past. We are setting up a relationship that only works if we have complete knowledge of You. If you are under a Doctor's care for a specific illness or health related matter, then yes we will require the Doctor's permission. You can waive this permission by completing the required Waiver and Hold Harmless Agreement and signing off that you do not need a Doctor's permission to be trained. Depending upon your situation, Tony will weigh the risk of establishing a personal training relationship.
  • Is my information kept confidential?
    Yes. We do not disclose any of your information without your written approval.
  • How was your rate per hour set up?
    We researched the most reputable personal trainers in the area and obtained their per hour training fees. We looked at their credentials to the certifications and experience that Tony has and determined our rate per hour. Ask us about our discount for a longer commitment of three to six months.
  • Why are you offering a Women's Only Self Defense Class?
    First, women are the main target for violent attacks. Statistics show that 1 in 3 women will be attacked and placed in a physically violent situation. We want to start our Self Defense Training program by helping women to be prepared. Second, based upon our significant experience, we believe that it is best to work separately with only Women and not make these sessions co-ed. We want a very open training environment and by working only with women, we can address the most sensitive of topics and we will teach women the most effective techniques to use if they are ever in a physically violent situation. Third, I have three daughters and know the importance of teaching them how to be safe and the most effective techniques.
  • What is the main focus for your Women's Self Defense Class?
    Based upon our experience, the main focus for our Women's Self Defense Class will be on A-Social Threats (these are physically violent situations). We will teach you the most effective techniques on how to strike the most vulnerable areas to incapacitate your attacker. We will take you through some of the most common attack situations and how best to defend yourself. Additionally, during the session and depending upon the ages of those participating, we can discuss some basic social threats and what to do to stay safe. We are on a mission to help women become empowered and how you can defend yourself!
  • How many days a week will you train an interested person?
    In any situation, we have a comprehensive discussion with you to better understand: what you want to accomplish; how much available time you have for training; how much you currently exercise; your current lifestyle; eating habits, etc. From there, we recommend a suitable program. Most programs are either two or three day of personalized training per week. We do suggest that you still do some type of training / exercise on your own during the rest of the week - at least one or two more days. To really make an impact and see real changes in your health, endurance, cardiovascular conditioning, etc., we prefer three days a week for personalized training. We hold you accountable by periodic check-ins during the week when we are not in training.
  • How do you structure group training for two to six individuals?
    Our gym can easily accommodate up to six people. We first meet with the group to understand what they want to accomplish with a group training program. We want to understand how this group came together and have they already been training together. We want to understand if the group is training for a specific event, etc. Most group training programs are done in circuit style / format using High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) or Tabatta drills. We can structure the workouts using a variety of methods whether body weight exercises or a combination of dumbbell, kettlebell, battling rope drills, etc.
  • How do you handle missed Personal Training sessions?
    We have a policy that will be provided to you on missing a training session. We require 24 hours notice, otherwise the session will be charged. If notice is given, we will work with you to set up a time to make-up the training session.

These are the most common questions that we receive at Tony B Fit. Please contact us if you have additional questions about our payment & rates, personal and group training, our self defense program, or want to set up a consultation. 


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